I picked out some of my recent jewelry wears from treasure chest to share with ya’ll.  I was so excited to do so that I got a little carried with my photo filters!

Here are my picks:

Vintage style necklace with crystals.  I’ve had this piece for 10 years, but don’t remember where I got it from.


 Cookie Lee Jewelry has a special place in my heart that’s why I picked this “Vintage Cookie Lee” bracelet that I purchased a couple of years back.  I love it because it has an Eiffel Tower & Camera charms, and looks simply cute and dainty on my wrist.


This beautiful peacock ring was purchased last year through my local Avon representative (my aunt and yes, Avon can have great jewelry selections)!

IMAG1556_20130530181137366 (1)

I paired all three  items together to wear with a perfect outfit.


What was your favorite item from my jewelry bounty?

Have you got your own favorite treasure pieces from your collection?


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