A Body Pillow for all of our Voluptuous Body Parts

Stop the presses!

A miracle just happened that will help all women and men alike.

Comfy Breasts developed these revolutionary pillows that will help you get that long overdue sleep that you so long deserve.  They have created pillows with hallow openings for those protruding body parts that get in the way of your mimi time.


I know what you are thinking, “ Is this one of those fake infomercials that tell me that every waking moment is doomed without their gadget?”  BUT WAIT! I’m here to tell you that it’s legit.

They have a bedtime pillow solution for everything (well maybe not everything) from your voluptuous tatas, baby belly (or food belly), to men’s Magnum sized bump.  They even have respectively adorable names for each pillow: ComfyBreast, ComfyBaby, and ComfyBump.


ComfyBreast Pillow
From $49.95-$69.95

ComfyBaby Pillow
From 59.95-$79.95


ComfyBump (for men)
From 49.95-59.95

I tend to sleep on my side or my back, so I’m crossing my fingers that they will develop a pillow large enough to fit my whole body and one for my curvaceous bottom.  Hmmm…maybe if  I duct tape the edges of two body pillows together I can keep more descent sleep tonight?  For the meantime, I can use their ComfyBaby pillow upside down.  My budonkadonk will be so happy!



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