5 Reasons To See The New Superman

Forget that the new Man Of Steel movie is one of the most highly anticipated blockbuster movies coming out in the summer or that the effects are completely awesome or even that maybe just maybe they finally got Superman right since Christopher Reeves.

There is really one reason you should go watch this movie, but before I give you my answer, let me give you some hints as to what it is.

1. Hi there, can I help with you something?


2.  The military finds him kinda……

tumblr_mnfb2c2Gpq1qbeeqko5_250 tumblr_mnfb2c2Gpq1qbeeqko3_250

3.  He’s not Superman.  He is Hopeman.  Talk about a hope chest.

tumblr_mleturXlG81qfe06vo4_250 tumblr_mleturXlG81qfe06vo1_250

4.   If both of you were stranded on an island together, you would never suffer from Hypothermia.


5.  That’s one sweet ride, and the car is pretty cool too.

tumblr_mmw50qfPzP1sr87muo5_1280   tumblr_mmw50qfPzP1sr87muo1_1280

Yes, that’s right, if you haven’t guessed it already, the #1 reason to see Man Of Steel broken down into 2 simple words is


And there is only 1 way to see him, in IMAX! 6 stories of dreaminess! You could climb those abs like a rock wall.


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