Film Review: Fast & Furious 6


Every time I think about The Fast and the Furious, I always think about this dialogue from The OC:

Summer: He comes from a place where they have knife fights, drag racing, and like sex on the hood of a car.

Marissa: That’s from The Fast and the Furious!

This weekend, Fast and Furious 6 sped into theaters with positive reviews and enthused fans. The popular franchise brought back old faces and introduced new ones too (Luke Evans, call me).

The film reunites Dom (Vin Diesel) with his old crew as they try to stop a mastermind from taking over the world…a bit cheesy, right?

But then again, I don’t think anybody ever watches these movies for the plot. It’s always about the action, cars, eye candy, and suspense, which doesn’t disappoint.



When I was 14, I remember drooling over Paul Walker in the original film and 12 years later, I still find myself doing the same. I mean, ya he’s aged but he still looks good!

As for Vin Diesel…all I can say is, break me off a piece of that, too!




So if you’re a fan of the films, watch it! It’s a fun ride with plenty of surprises. And if you’ve never watched any of the films, it’s not to late to catch up because I’m pretty sure there will be a 7th part on the way.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. 9/10.


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