Nails for the Artfully Challenged

Every time that I think I found an easy DIY nail design on Pinterest, it never fails to disappoint me.

 Am I nail art challenged? Why do my nails end up with blobs of polish instead of a cute flower? Is it just me here?

But just as I was about to give up and go into my song montage of Annie’s “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”, I noticed some Avon Mosaic Effects , among my estranged nail polish collection, that I had purchased a couple of months ago that I completely forgot about.


So I decided to break out my new American Apparel Metallic Nail Lacquer in Gold Flash, to add that Midas touch and complement my mosaic pot of gold that I found.   It took me 30 minutes to do!

I put my Sephora by OPI Nail Treatment Base Coat, let it dry for a couple of minutes (3 mins or so), followed by 2 coats of the Gold Flash (let it dry for 5 mins), and then accented my nails with the mosaic effect on both my ring fingers.  I let that dry for a couple of more minutes ,and then finished up by applying my Sephora by OPI Nail Treatment Top Coat.  First time in my life that my nails dried so fast, and it felt great!


I’m sure this technique might me old to some of you, but to me it meant that I had finally defeated my streak of bad luck with nail art.  Hooray for Avon’s Mosaic Effects Top Coat in black because it saved the day.

There’s hope for me yet!



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