Film Review: Iron Man 3

This weekend I celebrated my  26th 22nd  birthday with fun, friends, and Robery Downey Jr. (in 3D that is). I’ll admit, my heart was set on The Big Wedding but after bad reviews and peer pressure, I caved in and agreed to watch Iron Man 3. 

ironman 3

Now, the first ten minutes went something like this:

 Me: Do you have anything with caffeine?

Friend: No, why?

Me: My eyelids are about to fall shut, this movie is slow. How hard is it to introduce a villain and blow stuff up?

Friend: {distracted} that couple in front of us ::points:: he’s way too cute for her.

::BOOOM:: Gwyneth is wearing the Iron Man suit.

We both turn to each other with confused looks and finally start paying attention.


I honestly think you don’t have to watch the first two to enjoy this one.

It was full of action, surprises, and a happy ending (for now).




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