To Obsess or Not Obsess: Block Bag

Fell in love with this whimsical Block Bag by Luxfordst that is made in Australia by Etsy shop owner Karen Booker.  They come in different colors including red, blue, green, and yellow with a price tag of $110.




 Alexsandro Palombo turned fashion icons into Smurfs!

Such a genius idea!

Here are our favorite designers turned into Smurfs


He did such an amazing job capturing their personalities! Don’t you think Donatella Versace looks so much like Smurfette?

It’s LV all the way for Marc Jacobs, baby!

John Galliano is one grumpy smurf!

The Whole Fashion Crew!

Check out more SmurFashion here


I picked out some of my recent jewelry wears from treasure chest to share with ya’ll.  I was so excited to do so that I got a little carried with my photo filters!

Here are my picks:

Vintage style necklace with crystals.  I’ve had this piece for 10 years, but don’t remember where I got it from.


 Cookie Lee Jewelry has a special place in my heart that’s why I picked this “Vintage Cookie Lee” bracelet that I purchased a couple of years back.  I love it because it has an Eiffel Tower & Camera charms, and looks simply cute and dainty on my wrist.


This beautiful peacock ring was purchased last year through my local Avon representative (my aunt and yes, Avon can have great jewelry selections)!

IMAG1556_20130530181137366 (1)

I paired all three  items together to wear with a perfect outfit.


What was your favorite item from my jewelry bounty?

Have you got your own favorite treasure pieces from your collection?

And the drama queen award goes to

I’m addicted to drama, and I just can’t get enough.

Recently, I have been catching up on some late night dramaramma from some of my favorite shows, and my o’ my it’s good!  I can’t help scrolling to the next episode and pressing “play” on the remote.    It’s getting to the point that I’m combining story-lines from different shows together.

So confusing!

Before my eyes start to water then get dry from keeping them open so long, I wanted to share with you my favorite Drama Queens of Late Night.

1.Connie Britton (Nashville)

Unrequited love that harbors enough heartache to create one great country tune after another without messing up her mascara.  

2. Kerry Washington (Scandal)

She can fix any drama, but her own.

3. Vera Fermiga (Bates Motel)

Talk about mamma drama! She can’t even go into the kitchen without disaster happening.

4. Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones)

She is like Buffy with an army and dragons but is slaying for the throne.

5. Emily VanCamp (Revenge)

This girl’s revenging so hard that it’s infectious.  Don’t get too close to her or else you will catch some.


It’s time to dust off those suitcases because summer vacays are on the way!

I normally head on over to my trusty Tarjay to buy cheap travel sized products, but not this year.  This year I’m going to be Ms. Fancy Pants because of my out of control relationship with Lush (damn by brother for introducing us!) and sneak over to my nearest mall behind my husband’s back to get wooed by them all over again.

I made a list of my Top 5 Lush Travel Essentials, and I can’t wait to show it to them.  I’m sure they will be so happy to see me again, but first I am sharing my list with YOU my fabulous friends!


I think I want some Macaroons now!


Gets me in the mood for some bread and butter


It’s like an on the go breath mint toothpaste


No Drought when in Doubt


Ooooh Tootsie Rolls!

Whether you pack this list or use it as inspiration for your own, here’s wishing you a lovely Lush adventure this summer!

A Body Pillow for all of our Voluptuous Body Parts

Stop the presses!

A miracle just happened that will help all women and men alike.

Comfy Breasts developed these revolutionary pillows that will help you get that long overdue sleep that you so long deserve.  They have created pillows with hallow openings for those protruding body parts that get in the way of your mimi time.


I know what you are thinking, “ Is this one of those fake infomercials that tell me that every waking moment is doomed without their gadget?”  BUT WAIT! I’m here to tell you that it’s legit.

They have a bedtime pillow solution for everything (well maybe not everything) from your voluptuous tatas, baby belly (or food belly), to men’s Magnum sized bump.  They even have respectively adorable names for each pillow: ComfyBreast, ComfyBaby, and ComfyBump.


ComfyBreast Pillow
From $49.95-$69.95

ComfyBaby Pillow
From 59.95-$79.95


ComfyBump (for men)
From 49.95-59.95

I tend to sleep on my side or my back, so I’m crossing my fingers that they will develop a pillow large enough to fit my whole body and one for my curvaceous bottom.  Hmmm…maybe if  I duct tape the edges of two body pillows together I can keep more descent sleep tonight?  For the meantime, I can use their ComfyBaby pillow upside down.  My budonkadonk will be so happy!


Scented Macaroon Coin Purse

Will you or won’t you…..



I love Fred Flare! They have the coolest accessories that remind me of my childhood.  So if you are missing those scratch n’ sniff stickers, these scented macaroons are waiting to be eat’n up by you.

Should we deny our kid at heart?

If you must obsess on the past, you can order and purchase here: Fred Flare

A Great Tan Under $20


I can probably write a book on how to achieve the perfect tan but  out of the goodness of my heart, I’ll save you the 300 pages and $24.99. I also believe that everyone should look like they’ve been lounging on a yacht, in the South of France (even though the furthest you’ve been is Lake Havasu). Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time someone complimented my tan, I could literally buy St. Tropez.

So grab a pen and take notes because I’m about to show you how to glow like a million bucks under $20.


1) Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil (with Spf 4). Honestly, the first time I tried this was last year. I was laying out and I had just run out of Clarin’s “Delicious” Self-Tanning cream so I was in desperate need of a real more permanent tan, and this did the trick. I was pretty impressed.

2) Don’t have time to lay out but want a streak free tan? Well, No. 7 Perfectly Bronzed does just the trick.  Hands down, it works a lot better than Neutrogena’s Airbrush Tan! It leaves you with a nice golden glow and lasted me a good week before I had to reapply. The only thing I recommend is to spray it on the night before. That way, you don’t have to deal with waiting 1-4 hours for a tan to develop.

3) Now, I know I already recommend a tanning oil, but for those of you who would like something with a higher SPF than Australian Gold Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer is for you. This spray gel has SPF 15 and also gives your skin a glow. I tried it out on my arms while jogging and by the time I finished, I was golden brown.

4) Some people don’t want a permanent tan, or even one that will last a week. For those of you, I recommend, Lush’s Black Stockings Body Tint. It gives you the right amount of color and plus, it’s also animal cruelty free. You can never go wrong with that.

5) Lastly, If you’re more of a fan of body lotions and gradual moisturizers, than I highly advise Mark’s Got to Glow. The only setback with this body lotion is that you have to contact an Avon representative to buy it but it smells great and gives you a nice sparkle afterwards.

Remember, there are lots of tanning products on the market. Believe me when I say, I’ve used most of them. And the one thing that I have learned is that I don’t have to spend $80 dollars on a bronzer when I can spend less and still get the same effect.


Insiders Look Into Lulu’s Closet

I’m very excited about my brand new closet!

My auntie build it for me, and it even has my very own name on it.  Before I start modeling some of Summer fashion finds for you, here are some pics of my closet.

As you can see, I’m hard at work trying to choose what to wear.


My closet from the outside


The inside of my closet


My beautiful custom made name fit for a princess


I hope you liked my closet!

Hair Elastic Cupcake

The question is……



This is a cute and tempting creative way to sell elastic hairbands.    It would look adorable on my dresser or maybe it would be a good birthday basket stuffer for one of my girlfriends not to mention for one of my cutie patootie nieces!

 Is this multicolored rubber ball inside a mock cupcake wrapper a must or must not obsession?

I simply cannot decide.

But if you Must Obsess, it can be found and ordered at Forever21