Reading to Raising Beauty: Les Miserables


Glad to see you back for our 3rd installment of our series Reading to Raising Beauty.  Reading to your children doesn’t have to be a monotonous experience; you can tell a story with flair.  So why not start with what to wear?

From the seaside to Victorian England, we now introduce our French fashion picks (for preschool age)  inspired by the unforgettable tale, Les Miserables, retold for children by My Cozy Classics.

Les Mis

Adieu! Until next time

Girls Picks: 

Ivory Flower Headband by The Fairy Factory Shop from Etsy $9

Diamond Applique Taffeta Dress from Kids Formal $ 74.95

White Flower Flat by Delightfully Preppy Kids from Zully $ 33.99

Boys Picks: 

H&M Bear T-Shirt $9.95

Vintage Tom Sawyer Military Jacket by Wee Little Ones Vintage from Etsy

Opening Ceremony Jean Paul Gaultier Gaucho Pants $110

Dr. Martens Brooklee $65


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