Show Review: Hemlock Grove


Lately, I’ve been having a hard time falling sleep. So at night, I do what any normal insomniac does, which is turn to Netflix for company. Now, originally, my heart was set on catching up  on Mad Men but as I turned my system on, there was a huge advertisement for Hemlock Grove.  It was then  that I had remembered Eli Roth was somehow involved with this Netflix original series. Being an avid fan of horror, my curiosity got the better end of me and so I began to watch…



All I can say is that after three episodes, I kinda stopped paying attention. I was more intrigued with the terrible acting than the characters. Famke Janssen’s British “accent” was horrible, the whole time I kept thinking, “omg! just stop!” As for the plot, I think it had something to do with werewolves? And some kind of immaculate conception? I just felt like the show was trying too hard to be “dark” and “different” but instead it was dull and unoriginal.


The only reason I’m not rating it a 0 is because of all the pretty faces in it. 3/10.


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