What to Wear: Men’s Denim Edition


The other day, my ex-boyfriend called me for some fashion advice. I honestly thought, he just wanted to hear my voice and see how I was doing but in fact, he did just want help. So I rolled my eyes, shrugged, and said, “eh, what the hell.”

After small talk and a few “uh-huhs” later, he asked me where he could find a nice pair of jeans for spring. He then suggested that I go with him, to pick some out. And in that moment, I raised my head and said, “no, how about I just send you some links and you take it from there.” I mean, come on, I spent the last six months trying to get over him–I’m not about to go down that road again.

Anyways, these are my top Spring picks in men’s denim.


Where to Buy?

Naked And Famous “Weird Guy” in  Khaki  @ Barneys

J Brand “Tyler” in Faded Turf @ J Brand

DL1961 “Nick” in Sunny @ DL1961

Hudson “Byron” in Salmon @ Hudson

Paige “Federal” in Poolside @ Paige

Ksubi “Chitch” in Dope Ink @ Ksubi


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