Siempre Viva La Diva (Long Live the Diva)

I ♥ Jenni is to the Kardashians as Jenni Rivera is to Selena.  If you’re Hispanic/Latina (o) and haven’t been living under a rock, then you know what a tragedy it was to our community to find out that our beloved Jenni was no more.


We are all still recovering from her loss, but luckily we have Mun2 airing the final season of I ♥ Jenni to help us get through our mourning.


The last season aired last night and made us laugh and cry with her original wisdom, love for her family, and her children’s confessionals.  Watching the show made me realize that they were well on their way to being a classier and more genuine version of The Kardashians.  La Gran Diva and her family are a wonderful example of retaining humility in the spotlight of fame and strength in the face of adversity.

If you haven’t done so already, you must watch it and judge for yourself.  I promise that you will get hooked.  Mun2 is currently showing all past episodes on their website, and you can start watching the new season on Sundays @ 9pm/8c on Mun2.


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