Carrie – Official Trailer

In 1976, Stephen King’s classic novel, Carrie was triumphantly adapted by Brian De Palma for moviegoers. Its huge success opened the gates to what is now known as “slasher films.”


36 years later, studios have once again (in 2002 it was made for TV) decided to remake the classic film. The question, I ask myself, is “why?”  Sure, if  a movie is well executed or can surpass the original, then by all means move forth but out of all the current remakes, it has yet to be done.


The trailer looks horrible. I know Chloe Grace Moretz is up and coming but she would not have been my first choice to play Carrie (Sissy left big shoes to fill).  Don’t even get me started on the CG, it looks cheap. Athough, I do look forward to watching Julianne Moore play Carrie’s looney mama. I know she will give Piper Laurie a run for her money, when she delivers the line, “I can see your dirty pillows.”


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