Baby Reading Classics?

Reading to your little beauty is a wonderful thing!

It not only helps with their development, but it helps you to bond with your child which is the most important thing you can do as you raise your lovely tot.  It is never to early to start this practice, you can even start as early as your third trimester of pregnancy!  Of course, here at Stalking Beauty, we have some fashionable book recommendations for Raising Beauty because it doesn’t hurt to do it in style.

We came across this crafty collection of books called “My Cozy Classics” by Jack & Holman Wang which has turned some favorite classic literature into children’s board books.  They are for ages 0-preschool, and what makes them unique are their illustrations and 12 word stories.  The pictures they use are of  needle felted characters that are photographed in natural settings.  They released their books in 2012, and currently have 6 Cozy Classics to their collection including: Moby Dick, Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, Les Misérable, War & Peace, and Oliver Twist.  The books are also affordably priced at $8.95 each and are available through Amazon.

My Cozy Classics


It even inspired us to do a 6 part fashion series called “Reading to Raising Beauty in Style” (stay tuned!)

  Remember, if you haven’t done so already, pick up a book (any book) and get cozy with your baby and start reading away (it only takes a couple of minutes).


3 thoughts on “Baby Reading Classics?

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