Helping Little Beauty Sleep

Raising your little beauty takes a lot of work and while they are napping, it’s your chance to take a quick break and possibly fit in that well deserved bath.

We know how hard it can be to put your baby to sleep, and one way that can help is by playing some soft music.  It works wonders for so many child care providers and preschool programs that use it as part of their nap routine, and you can incorporate it too.  There is so much generic children’s music out there for sleepy time, but we found a way you can do it in style.

Rockabye Baby!


What better way to soothe your baby during that time than by using music from your favorite artists turned into lullabies?  Rockabye Baby has been releasing albums since 2006 with their latest editions being Muse, Blur, and Rush.  Our favorite 5 albums from them are:

1. Muse

2. Guns N’ Roses

3.  Madonna 

4. Coldplay

5. No Doubt 

Remember routine is important, so if you want to use music as part of your child’s nap/sleep regimen make sure you are consistent and play them something every time.

Quick Tip:

Instead of buying all the albums, you can get all the music for free on Spotify.  You can even create your own playlist for  lullaby music and save all the albums there.  You can also buy the  individual tracks you like on Amazon at an affordable price.  All you have to do is search for Rockabye Baby on Amazon (or iTunes).  


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