Matzo Madness

Decades ago, in the name of love, Elizabeth Taylor made the decision to convert to Judaism, and now with this recipe in my pocket, I plan to do the same.

I’ve never cared for Matzo in soup, but as the foundation for choco-bliss it changes everything.


What Will You Need: 

-1 box of lightly salted Matzo

-2 Sticks of unsalted butter or 1 cup

-1 Cup of dark brown sugar

-1 12 oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (we used Ralph’s Brand Premium Select)

-1 Cup of chopped Pecans

-1/2 tsp of Kosher Salt

Step 1: Pre-heat over for 350 degrees.  Next line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and then place a sheet of wax paper on top (don’t skip the wax paper unless you like the taste of aluminum in your dessert).  Then apply a generous layer of cooking spray.

Step 2: Evenly lay out your matzo edge to edge on the baking sheet ( you will need to break some to size).


Step 3: In a saucepan heat the unsalted butter and dark brown sugar on medium heat and whisk them together until mixture thickens.  Pour mixture onto matzo and spread evenly using a spoon or spatula.  Bake in the oven for 10 minutes.



Step. 4: Remove from oven and place baking sheet on a cooling rack.  Evenly scatter chocolate chips onto the hot toffee and let it soften for about 3 minutes.  Then spread chocolate out to cover.  Next sprinkle pecans and kosher salt.  Finally refrigerate for  45-60 minutes.



Step 5: Once refrigerated cut bark roughly into squares and serve.


Mazel Tov!

Original Recipe


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