Film Review: The Croods

Last night, my friends and I decided to go the movies. We didn’t really know what was playing and when it came down to it, everything looked stupid. I love Paul Rudd but come on, Admission? When studios green light those kind of projects, I often think, “are they running out of film ideas?”  As for for James Franco’s Spring Breakers, eh, bikini’s and guns, I think I’ll pass.  So last minute, my friend made the executive decision that we would watch, The Croods, which to be honest, I knew nothing about. I went in with no expectations, I didn’t even know it was an animated film.


Well, let me just say, I was shockingly surprised because I absolutely loved it. I’ll admit, animated films are not really my cup of tea but this was great. It had a fun plot, good laughs, and not to mention, I loved the character, Eep (voiced by Emma Stone).


The only thing I recommend is to pay attention to the opening credits because for a good fifteen minutes, I asked myelf, “what time period are they living in?”


10 out of 10.


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