Cold Case: Honey Solution

I don’t know what’s worse, getting sick or not being married to a hot doctor??


 Just because the sun is up and the clouds are out doesn’t mean flu season is over, if anything it’s dressed in Spring and ready to cling. During the day it’s, “cool, I’m off to the beach,” but as soon as night falls, it’s more like, “damn, my nipples can cut through ice!”  I’ll even be the first to admit that because of diets and unhealthy eating patterns, my immune system rivals Kate Bosworth, so you can only imagine that this weather also leaves me vulnerable to the common cold and flu.

Since my 4th Ex left to join Doctors Without Borders, I had to resort to watching a couple of episodes of ER to find answers. When that didn’t work, I paged the next best thing, Google; and lo and behold – nurse Pinterest showed up and gave me a couple of pointers.

The original recipe comes from a website called Health, Home, & Happiness and is easy to make.  All you will need is ground cinnamon and organic raw honey.


In a bowl, you will mix 1/4tsp of ground cinnamon and 1tsp of organic raw honey (we did 2tsp of honey, but you can stick to the original recipe if you like).


After mixing, you can either take it as-is or warm it up (I like it warm because it’s more soothing on the throat, and it’s similar to a traditional home recipe that I use with honey and lemon that you heat in a saucepan, but I will save that for another day).  I warmed it up the Breaking Bad way because I wanted to re-enact a scene between Jessie and Jane.


This remedy really works! After 3 days of taking it 2x daily, I felt like a new person.


  • You can make more of it and store it in a jar
  • Cinnamon & Honey contain Antibacterial, Antiviral and Anti-fungal properties
  • According the original website, it knocks out 9 out of 10 colds
  • These are home remedies; it might not work on everyone, so please seek medical advice when needed

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