The Name is Vylette


“I Killed Liz. I killed the teen dream.  Deal with it.”

I was up late browsing my film collection when I came across this oldie but goodie cinema classic. After Heathers and before Mean Girls, there was Jawbreaker, a dark comedy about three girls who kidnap their best friend on her birthday and accidentally kill her. Can someone say, “oops?”  Seriously, this film had it all: steal worthy quotes,  Rose McGowan before all that plastic surgery, and fun fashion.


Where To Buy:

620 Super Skinny Jeans $198 @ Jbrand

Floral Cardigan $19.80 @ Forever 21

Prowl Sunglasses $18 @ Nasty Gal

Charlotte Olympia ‘Dolly” Pump $945 @ Nordstrom 

Rebecc Minkoff Mini Mac Bag $195 @ Revolve Clothing

Fresh Water Pearl Necklace $129 @ Museum Way Pearls


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