Welcome Back, Winona

hello 90s

The other day I was browsing around the mall and thought, “Why does everything look like Winona Ryder’s closet circa the 90s?” From floral dresses to loose fitting jeans,  it’s like we’ve time traveled back to when Stephanie Seymour graced Vogue,  Brenda and Dylan (or Dylan and Kelly) dated, and of course Miss Ryder ruled the big screen.


Where to buy, you ask?

Belted Floral Lace Dress, $27.80 @  Forever 21

Sunglasses, Vintage (visit your local vintage shop)

Obey Rider Tank $35 @ Lulu’s

Rag and Bone Salvage Jeans $297 @ Neiman Marcus

Jerome Dreyfuss Alain Bag $875 @ Barneys

Oval Mood Ring $7.99 @ Best Mood Rings


“It’s cool, Troyyou can stayWelcome to the maxipad.”


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