Stripes in Curves

Who says you can’t wear stripes if you have curves?

Just because some of us our young and voluptuous doesn’t mean we need to look like old bag ladies; that’s why  I’m always on the look out for trendy attire that will make us feel fashionable and hip.

Plus Size Stripes

Where to Find:

  • Merona Plus-Size Long Sleeve Blazer $29.99 @ Target
  • Women’s Sueded Ballet Flats in Navy $22.94 @ Old Navy 
  • Labworks Women’s Plus-Size Long Sleeve V-Back Tunic-Lime $29.99 @ Target
  • Women’s Plus Size Dark Wash Boot-Cut Jeans $30 @ Old Navy
  • Nila Anthony Colorblock Clutch in Charcoal Pink $38 @ Nordstrom
  • Guinevere Triangle Earrings $18.98@ Nordstrom
  • Women’s Lightwave Opened-Weave Scarves in Hero Blue $12.94 @ Old Navy

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