Bared to You


“The head of his cock aligned with the slick entrance of my body and he pushed inexorably into me.  I moaned,  shifting to accommodate the heavy surge of his penis…I wrapped my legs around his hips , welcoming him deeper, feeling his buttocks flex and release against my calves as he demonstrated to my body that it would indeed take his thick length all the way to the root.”  

 Those are the elegant words written in Sylvia Day’s  racy novel, Bared to You: A Crossfire Triology. In all honesty, if that doesn’t have you speed dialing your ex or running a cold shower, there must be something wrong with you.

 In my opinion, I enjoyed the Crossfire novels instead of the 50 Shades trilogy because of the writing. No offense to E L James but I found her writing to be choppy and repetitive although that did not stop me from reading all of them.  As a reader, I’m always looking to expand my literary horizons, which is exactly why I would recommend this book over 50 Shades.  It’s just more devilishly fun.

Now pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back, and let your body do all the thinking, cause Gideon Cross makes a better fictionalized lover than Christian Gray.


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