Gorillas in the Mist: 800 pounds of Pampering by Lush

I absolutely can’t get enough of Lush products! They smell great, are good for your skin, are super fresh and organic, and make you feel like a million bucks (no, I’m not getting paid to say all these things, just super obsessed with their products).  I have even converted some of my friends into Lushism.  With that said, I went to my local Lush store with the intention to only buy some birthday presents for a lucky friend and family member, but I noticed they had a new product called Gorilla Perfume.  The store manager was awesome enough to pamper me by sitting me down, asking questions about my preferred scents, and then she chose 4 Gorilla scents that she thought I would like.  She made me close my eyes and smell them one by one and asked me what I smelled, and then she dabbed some on my wrists.  She said that everyone’s chemistry is different, so you have to wait a couple seconds to smell the scent transformation on your skin.

In the end, I bought one for my friend, wait who I’m I kidding I got one for moi too because a girl has to keep smelling good, right?  Right!  The one I bought my friend is called Sikkim Girls (it’s the most popular scent), and I went with the Flower’s Barrow because it smells sweet and fresh.  A really cool thing they do at Lush when you buy the Gorilla Perfume, is the small ritual they perform.  They wrap it up in funky comic strip tissue paper, put it in a unique art-covered box, then finally seal it in a (eco-friendly) printed sack with a big-ass Gorilla sticker.  Each one also includes a tiny info card about it (like the ones that hip art vinyl toys come with) and an indie-style comic with illustrated stories about all of their scents.  Makes for a fun unboxing experience if you’re gifting, too!







**Only select Lush stores carry the Gorilla Perfume, so make sure to call them up before taking the trip or you can simply buy it online, but the personal experience is worth it!


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