DIY: Valentine’s Day Center Piece

Happy Valentine’s Day Stalking Beauties!

It’s your resident DIYer reporting back for a Pinterest hit or miss. Because February is the month of love and friendship, I decided to do a themed craft and took on the task of creating my very own centerpiece that I can reuse every year.  The original post came from a blog called Wedding Wire.  It just gave you ideas of things you can do, but it had no directions or instructions on how to do it, so I just decided to put my little ol’ noggin to work.  I decided to buy and use the following:

  1. Wooden letters from my local Michael’s craft store
  2. Glossy Red spray paint @ Michael’s
  3. Puff Paint @ Michael’s
  4. Studded heart white vday flowers @ Michael’s (they also had them in red)
  5. 2 Packs of beans from my local Dollar Tree store
  6. 1 Pack of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates @ local grocery store
  7. 2 Cute red flower shaped place mats  @ Dollar Tree
  8. 2 bunches of flowers @ Dollar Tree
  9. 1 Drop Cloth @ Dollar Tree
  10. 1 Pack of gloves @ Dollar Tree
  11. 1 Borrowed Crystal vase from my mom
  12. 2 Decorative ceramic plates from my house
  13. 16 Decorative red stones from my personal stash

VDAY DIY Materials

I was a little wary about using spray paint, but I got the idea from another blog called G*Rated where they give you a DIY on spray painting beans.  I think this is where I missed because I didn’t have enough time to get a shallow box to spray paint the beans in, so I used printing paper to lie them flat and have them dry in between coats.  I also used glossy spray paint (because I like shiny stuff, lol) and the directions said that flat paint works better and boy did I learn my lesson.  So, if you decide to spray paint beans, make sure to get flat paint, a shallow box and follow their directions to the “T”.

When spray painting the letters, make sure to wait about 30 minutes between each coat.  I used a total of 3 coats, so that was about an hour and a half of just spray painting letters!  Also make sure to leave them out to dry overnight.  I was pressed for time so I decided to use a blow dryer to finish drying them up.  I also didn’t end up using the puff paint to add that extra decorative effect like the original picture showed, but it still looked pretty damn good to me 🙂

This is how my spray painted beans looked like


White wooden letters turned to glossy red


My Final set-up and Masterpiece! My mom saw the finished product and absolutely loved it(which is a big thing I might add) so I would definitely say it was a HITVDay_Centerpiece_New

Tips for Success:

  • Time, Time, Time, This is a 24hr project because of the spray paint
  • It’s a messy project so make sure to wear clothes you are not afraid to get dirty or wear an apron
  • Use gloves unless you want paint all over your hands
  • Technically you can buy all the materials at Michael’s, but I like to shop around for deals and use what I have around the house.  If you do hit up Michael’s, make sure to use your weekly 40% off coupon! They even have an app for Apple and Android with mobile coupons so you can always be prepared.
  • Have Fun!

Let me know what you think or if you have better suggestions for painting on wood or beans!


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