Top 10 V-Day Films

     As Valentine’s Day, aka DOOMSDAY (for us single people) approaches, it’s important to have romantic ideas in mind. What will you plan? Where will you go? What will you buy? Those are all very important questions to ask when planning a romantic evening for two. Now, for those of you who are stuck on ideas here’s one, why not sit back with that special someone, order in some food and watch a film or three. I know, it’s simple but it can also be effective. Take it from me, when you’re  dating doctors or  CEOs the last thing they want to do is go out on a Thursday night (it’s also a great way to make yourself  seem carefree and relaxed).

1) The Awful Truth (1937).  Before Kate Hudson or Katherine Heigl ruled RomComs, there was Irene Dunn, who stars opposite Cary Grant in this epic tale of romance gone wrong then right.  *For those of you who like trivial facts, this film was considered one of the pioneers in Romantic Comedies, which basically means they did it first!


2) Sixteen Candles (1984). Two words: Jake Ryan.


3) Say Anything (1989).  Twenty-four years later and this is still John Cusack’s best film. The greatest scene in this film  is watching Lloyd Dobler proclaim his love for Diane Court with the help of his stereo.


4) Stealing Beauty (1996). I like to believe this film is a hidden gem. Liv Tyler plays a shy virgin who travels to Italy to find herself. It’s a beautiful coming of age story with intrigue and romance.

stealing beauy 1996

5) Sweet November (2001).  My girl, Char stars in this tearjerker of  undying love. That taxi scene where Keanu tells her he didn’t take the job, it’s a classic. It has Enya playing in the background and San Francisco scenery, what else could you want?


6) A Walk to Remember (2002).  I remember this film back when I was 14 and thought Shane West was so dreamy. I HATED Mandy Moore for being able to kiss him. I’m just glad she died in the end. Oops, I kinda gave that one away.


7) Pride & Prejudice (2005).  Keira Knightley always gets the job done.

pride prejudice 2005

8) Shopgirl (2005).   “Are you the kind of person that takes time to get to know, and once you get to know them..they’re fabulous?”


9) Atonement (2007).  WARNING, do NOT watch this film if you suffer from depression, aside from that, it is a BEAUTIFUL love story with a tragic end.


10) Moonrise Kingdom (2012).  If you weren’t a fan of Wes Anderson films before this, then get on it.  GREAT film, cinematography, soundtrack, story…just watch it!



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