Snickers Cake Hit

I am obsessed with DIY on Pinterest! There is something new to pin everyday, but as I sit there pinning away, I start thinking,”Can I actually make this; afterall, I’m just an average gal not a super crafter?”  So I decided to put it to the test on a dateless Saturday night.  Since I’m a chocaholic, my first project I took on was the Snickers Cake which originally comes from a website called PinCookie.

I had to embark on a journey to my local grocery store (Ralph’s) because I didn’t have half the ingredients on the list.  I had a couple of blonde moments like, “Is chocolate and caramel sauce the same as syrup?” and “Can I just use the pre-packaged diced pecan/peanuts mix  instead of plain old peanuts?” and then I had a couple of soul searching moments like “I don’t want to go into a diabetic shock” and “Do I really want to wake up with another pimple on my chin?” but, in the end, I bought the syrups and nut mix and promised myself to do an extra facial mask before I went to bed.  It took me about 2 hours to complete it, but it was a total DIY Pinterest SUCCESS!

Actual Picture from Original Website


My Masterpiece


Tips for a  Successful Outcome:

  1. Get a headstart because prep includes chill time for frosting bowl and cake
  2. You can definitely use the chocolate and caramel syrups and the prepackaged pecan/peanut mix
  3. Invite loads of friends over so they can eat it all up or make it for a party the night before
  4. Just Have Fun!!!

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